The story of Hastings Choristers.

Founded in 1990, Hastings Choristers Inc. began as a humble community choir with a big dream: to promote the art of choral singing in the Hastings region. Under the expert direction of Robyn Ryan OAM, we have grown over the past three decades, not only in size but in the scope of our musical endeavours. 

Our reputation for excellence has opened doors to prestigious venues like the Sydney Opera House and the Town Hall, among many others across Sydney and regional areas.

As we look back on over three decades of music and camaraderie, we take pride in not just the concerts we've performed but also in the lasting impact we've made on the cultural and community landscape of the Hastings region. Our journey is a testament to the power of choral music in bringing people together and enriching lives.

Our achievements and community impact.

Artistic Highlights
Prestigious Performances: We've graced stages of renowned venues like the Sydney Opera House and the Town Hall, showcasing our versatility and talent.
Expansive Repertoire: Our musical journey includes a diverse array of genres and periods, reflecting our commitment to both classical and contemporary choral works.

Collaborative Projects
Collaboration with other artistic groups and soloists has enriched our performances, providing our members and audiences with unique musical experiences.

Community Contributions

Fostering Young Talent: By actively engaging with young singers, we've played a pivotal role in nurturing future generations of choral enthusiasts.
Cultural Enrichment: Our performances have contributed to the cultural fabric of the Hastings region, enhancing its reputation as a hub for artistic excellence.
Social Well-Being: Beyond entertainment, our choir's activities have fostered a sense of belonging and community spirit, positively influencing the social well-being of our members and audiences.

Hastings Choristers comprises two choirs.


A mixed SATB choir that perform predominantly classical, choral and contemporary classical works with a few surprises. They are led by a Musical Director and accompanied by a classically trained pianist. Each choral section has a section leader that can sometimes conduct separate rehearsals. The Musical Director develops the choristers’ voices, leads with dynamic interpretation, and polishes the choir toward performance. Both choirs combine for select performances.


A small female vocal ensemble comprising experienced choristers who sing a wide range of genres, both accompanied and a cappella. This close-knit group works with a highly trained Musical Director who aims to enhance vocal and listening skills and build a varied repertoire including songs in languages other than English. Cantabile members are encouraged to join the main Cantorus choir for at least one concert each year.

The Mission

To enjoy making music together.
Provide audiences with quality concerts.
Foster enthusiasm for singing in young people.

Hastings Choristers welcomes all those who wish to sing at a performance level whether experienced or accomplished.

As a mixed voice SATB choir (Soprano/Alto/Tenor/Bass) there is a place for all voices in CANTORUS. All singers, especially men, are warmly and enthusiastically welcomed to pursue their love of singing at our weekly rehearsals held at MacKillop Senior College Hall, Ocean Drive, Port Macquarie.